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Item 206 Snuggle Puppy Puppy Starter Kit
High Bid:  $25  Susan Lybrand
Donor:  SmartPetLove

Make the transition home a smooth one with products designed to ease anxiety and bring comfort to new pups. Snuggle Puppy comes with real-feel heartbeat and heat pack that mimics pup’s mother and littermates, easing anxiety and loneliness and help them sleep thru the  night.   Teething Aid relieves discomfort and satisfies pup’s desire to chew while melting ice numbs and soothes irritated gums.  Blanket is made from high-density fleece, provides warmth and promotes calm. Machine washable.  48” x 30”.  Puppy’s 1st toy is designed to keep them occupied and entertained so they’ll stay away from pet parents’ favorite shoes.  Please visit our friends at SmartPetLove by clicking this link!
  1. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director

Item     John Paul Pet Grooming Sets   
Donor: John Paul Pet 

Thanks to our friends at JPP for these assortments of their fine products.  These are 16oz bottles of shampoo and the Ginger Shine Spray and Lavender Conditioning Spray are 8 oz.  You can learn more about the story of JPP, learn tips to bathe your pet, see their other wonderful products and more at this link!

Item 207 JPP Set 1:  
High Bid:  $22.30  
Pat Day
1 Oatmeal Shampoo
1 Oatmeal Condition Rinse
1 JPP Grooming brush

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​​Item 208 JPP Set 2:
High Bid: $27  
Linda Okimoto
1 Lavender Mint Shampoo
1 Lav Mint Condition Spray 
1 JPP Grooming brush

Item 209 JPP Set 3
High Bid: $22
​Kim Nichola
1 Wild Ginger Shampoo
1 Wild Ginger Shine Spray
1 JPP Grooming brush

Item 210 Upcountry Got Bones Teacup Collar & Lead
 High Bid:  $ 8  Pam Sowa
Donor:   JoAnn Bell

Upcountry's Teacup Collection is specially designed for puppies and small breeds that are 10 pounds and under. Teacup collars, leads and harnesses are 1/2 inch wide and made with strong yet lightweight webbing, so small dogs won't be weighed down.      (4-foot lead)
  1. Managing Director
Item 211 Blue Tree Dog Bells for Potty Training
 High Bid:  $10  Starr Jow
Donor:   JoAnn Bell

 ★DOG BELLS FOR POTTY TRAINING are the perfect solution to toilet train your lovely pet.  ★High quality, six Big Extra Loud Bells yet easy on your ears to attend to your pet's nature call wherever you are in the house.  ★SUPREME DURABILITY: Made from heavy duty nylon material  ★MAXIMUM CONVENIENCE: Ergonomic design allows for easy adjustment of length to bottom of the door or wall based on size of your dog.
  1. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director
Item212 First Alert Ultrasonic Bark Control 
 High Bid:  $28.50  Diana Brooks
Donor:   JoAnn Bell

• Helps stop unwanted barking at home and on the go
• Uses safe ultrasonic sound waves that only dogs can hear
• Effective up to 15-ft away
• Works on all breeds
• Operates on 4 AAA batteries (not included)
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Item 213 Snuffle Mat  (pastels)
 High Bid:  $55  Tammy Sheets
Donor:   Donna Rotoloni

The Snuffle Mat is a homemade toy that provides your dog with an opportunity to sniff and search for hidden treats.  Bonnie  made it of fleece strips tied on to a rubber mat with holes in it.  The loose ends of the fleece are on top and provide the hiding spots for the treats!  Measures 12"x12"
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Item 214 Solvit  SmartFit Premium Bench Seat  Cover
 High Bid:  $18.50  Donna Rotoloni
Donor:   PetSafe

Protect car, truck or suv bench seats from hair, dirt, dander, liquids and claw damage.  100% cotton twill and quilted for comfort, trimmed with genuine leather accents with brass hardware, double-reinforced at high stress locations.  Waterproof membrane and zippers help prevent damage from water, mud and potty accidents.  SmartFit system  provides  improved fit for different vehicle types w/elasticized panels on sides and front and multiple attachment points.  Sta-Put seat anchors prevent having to constantly pull cover down,  non-slip backing holds it firmly in place.  Measures 60" x 47" in Gray.  
  1. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director
Item 215 Kurgo Splash-Free Wander Water Bowl
 High Bid:  $15  Starr Jow
Donor:   Kurgo

No time to stop? No worries. We know it's important to keep pets  hydrated while on the road, but sometimes it’s not convenient to stop.  Wander Bowl’s unique wedge design ensures that the bowl lays flat on the seat, and is designed so water won't spill while traveling in the car. Fill it at the start of your trip knowing your dog can drink at any time.   Features:  • Wedge design ensures that the bowl lays flat on the seat • Tapered lip on the top reduces splashing and keeps dog food in the bowl  • Holds 24 ounces  • Made of food-grade silicone  • Dishwasher safe
  1. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director
Item 216 PetSafe Elite Outdoor Bark Control PBC00-12788
 High Bid:  $38.69  Aimee Katz
Donor:   PetSafe

Eliminate your pet's nuisance barking. Built-in microphone detects barks from up to 50 ft away and emits an ultrasonic noise that's aggravating to dogs but humans can't hear.  Built-in timer has two programmable on/off presets. Uses high frequency ultrasonic sound to disrupt nuisance barking, great alternative to static correction.  Coverage projects in a cone shape of about 150 degrees in front of the speaker and works on all dogs within hearing range.  Attractive and weatherproof construction designed to look like a birdfeeder.
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Item 217  Tellluride Boulder Fleece Jacket & Cocoa Toy
 High Bid:  $37.50  Mary Richling
Donor:   Jen Jablonski

The fleece jacket is size Small for Length 12-13".  It has a thick, plush Berber fleece exterior, soft-and-warm microfleece lining, full touch-fasten closure at the bottom, faux zipper on top and 3 faux pockets with zippers.   The Zippy Paws Hot Cocoa Burrow Dog Toy is a plush hollow cup of cocoa with multiple openings and 3 plush marshmallows with squeakers.   Polyester and  Polyester fiber,  composite squeaker.  Length: 5.5" Diameter: 5"
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Item 218 Comfort Cuddler
 High Bid:  $25  Bobbi Donovan
Donor:   iHeartDogs.Com

From our friends at iHeart Dogs is the Comfort Cuddler to reduce your dog’s anxiety in a cute, simple way.  Relaxes pet during stressful times, like car rides, at the groomer, crate training, or separation anxiety.  Your dog LOVES your scent and their sense of smell is very strong and helps inform them of their surroundings. Your smell is one of the most comforting things to your pup. It features a pouch with a mesh window into which you insert some-thing that smells like you. It  becomes a pillow for your pup to relax with and feel soothed by your scent.   Easy-open velcro pouch makes it easy to insert garments or other fabric.  Large pouch can hold a t-shirt, pillow case, or other similarly sized fabric  items.   Measures 8"x8"
  1. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director
Item 219 FlossyTossy™ Natural Cotton & Rubber Rope Toy
 High Bid:  $12  Karen Schickedanz
Donor:   iHeartDogs.Com

From our friends at iHeart Dogs - your pup will love the variety of shapes formed by the cotton rope to gnaw on and “floss” their back molars. The teeth scrubbing pet-safe rubber toy at the end will keep your dog entertained.  FlossyTossy™ all-natural non-toxic cotton and rubber rope toys by Project Play™ are great for engaging in play with your pup! The soft natural cotton rope is great for tug-of-war and the sturdy natural rubber toy features boosted teeth-scrubbing power while chewing.

  1. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director
Sincere thanks to earthbath for the generous assortment of products they've donated to the auction.  Be sure to visit earthbath to learn more about them and their wonderful products!   

 Here are Manny, Paco and
Julio perusing the "loot"!

Item 220 earthbath Grooming Wipes & Dental Wipes
 High Bid:  $22  Joan Morse
Donor:  earthbath

 100 Grooming Wipes - Green Tea & Awapuhi  
 Safely, easily wipe away dirt and odor between baths. Handily clean pets’ dirty paws and undercoat, remove dander, drool, discharge and cling-ons from playing in the unknown. Mild cleansers freshen and deodorize as antioxidant properties of green tea leaf extract help protect from environmental damage. Hawaiian awapuhi conditions coat and imparts healthy shine while aloe vera and vitamin E moisturize coat and skin. Safe for all animals over 6 weeks old. 
25 Tooth & Gum Wipes  are easy, convenient solution to keeping  pet’s mouth clean from plaque, tartar & odor-causing bacteria. Minty-fresh formula is free of parabens, alcohol, and other nasties that don’t belong in your pet’s mouth.
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Item 221 earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner
 High Bid:  $25  Melodie Haddon
Donor:  earthbath

Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo 16 oz 
Specially formulated, colloidal oatmeal and organic aloe vera are recommended by vets to combat skin irritations, promote healing, and re-moisturize sensitive, dry skin.  Soap free, pH-balanced to clean and deodorize safely and thoroughly, leaving pet’s skin and coat brilliantly clean, soft, plush, and smelling better than ever before.  Oatmeal & Aloe Conditioner 16oz to effectively detangle, enrich and revive your pet’s coat. Colloidal oatmeal and organic aloe vera help re-moisturize and soothe itchy, dry skin. Specially blended for pets with sensitive skin and allergies, it will leave  coats soft and plush while bringing out their natural luster and brilliance.
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Item 222 earthbath Grooming, Facial & Ear Wipes
 High Bid:  $26  Joan Morse
Donor:  earthbath

Ear Wipes  convenient way to keep pet’s ears free of wax and discharge which can cause infections and odor. Soft wipes contain witch hazel, a natural cleanser and astringent, plus a sumptuous mix of nature’s finest plant extracts with gentle deodorizing properties.
Facial Wipes quick, safe and convenient way to clean dirt, dander and drool from pet’s face. No need to rinse after washing with these gentle, pH-balanced wipes designed specifically for use on and around the face, eyes & mouth.  Grooming Wipes safely and easily wipe away dirt and odor between baths, leaving pet heavenly scented of fragrant mangoes. Mild cleansers deodorize, freshen and clean as exotic Hawaiian awapuhi conditions coat and imparts healthy shine . Aloe vera & vit E moisturize coat and skin. ​
  1. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director
I tem 223  earthbath Conditioning Shampoo & Deodorizing Spritz
 High Bid:  $12   Pat Day
Donor:  earthbath

Mango Tango® 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo (16 oz) shampoo and conditioner in one that leave pet’s coat and skin looking and smelling better than ever. Luscious botanical fragrance of tropical mangoes combined with exceptionally mild shampoo adds brilliance and shine while extra gentle conditioner softens and detangles, leaving coats wonderfully clean, soft & plush. 
 3-in-1 Deodorizing Spritz (8 oz)  naturally deodorizes, conditions and detangles coats, with heavenly scents of vanilla & almond. Colloidal oatmeal, organic aloe vera, and vitamin E remoisturize skin and impart healthy shine, while gentle detanglers keep coats soft and tangle free. Use between baths to freshen, condition and detangle, or as a finishing spray after bathing your dog. 
Item 224 earthbath Deodorizing Shampoo & Spritz
 High Bid:  $13  Kim Nichola
Donor:  earthbath

earthbath® Deodorizing Shampoo (16oz) Unpleasant scents and odors don’t stand a chance.  The fresh, long-lasting scent of rosemary oil harnesses the secrets of the Mediterranean in this formula, magically neutralizing doggone odors while cleaning thoroughly and safely. It will leave your best friend’s coat soft, plush, and smelling naturally fresh for days. 
3-in-1 Deodorizing Spritz (Lavender 8oz) naturally conditions and detangles coats, while deodorizing with the fresh botanical fragrance of lavender oil. Organic aloe vera and vitamin E leave the coat exceptionally soft and bright. Use between baths to freshen, condition and detangle, or as a finishing spray after bathing your dog.  
  1. Managing Director
Item 225 Cooling Pet Mat
 High Bid:  $30  Laura Burgess
Donor:  Joan Ambrose

Keep your pet cool all summer long with a Body Cooler mat. 
This medium mat measures 15" x 20" and stays cool for
​days without having to recharge it.    

  1. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director