2018 Online Auction 
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​​Item 184 Hooded Dog Coat
High bid:  $32  Gail Czarnecki
Donor:  Marina French

Cozy coat is fleece lined and measures 12" down the back.

​​Item 185  Cat Mate Automatic Feeder
High bid:  $ 5  Terri McGuire
Donor:  Tammy Beckenthal

The Cat Mate C10 automatic pet feeder serves one fresh meal at your pet's normal time.  It's suitable for cats, kittens or small dogs. Food is kept fresh in an easy clean compartment sealed by a closely fitting lid. Just set the timer on the lid to open at the required time, up to 24 hours later. 
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Item 186 Camouflage Harness                                 Size XL
High bid:  $10  Brenda Muzyka
Donor:  The Sweet Roussos Sisters

From Puppia, this style is no longer available - cool camouflage harness for the tough guy!

​XL 15.7"neck,  22.0"~30.7"chest
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Item 187  I Woof You Bandana
High Bid: $10  Brenda Muzyka
Donor:   Daisy Roussos

​A sweet doggie bandana that says it all - I woof you! In polyester/cotton, machine washable. 

Size small - sorry, don't have the measurements.  

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Item 188 Puppy Cake Assortment 
High bid:   $14  Julie Forrester
Donor:  Lauren Costello/Puppy Cake

Our thanks to Lauren for these fun mixes, which we know your pups will enjoy!  As seen on Shark Tank!
2 Puppy Cake Mix - one Red Velvet, a bright red with all-natural beet powder cake with frosting, the other is Pumpkin with frosting.  2 Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix – one Maple Bacon and one Vanilla:  Just add water for real, creamy ice cream. 
1 Carob Chip Cookie Mix: Fresh baked wheat-free “chocolate chip” cookies.
  Be sure to view all the goodies at Puppy Cake  by clicking here!
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Item 189 Happy Hoodie 2 Packs           (we have five 2packs available)
Donor:   Tracy Milller/Zoni Pets

Thanks to Tracy for her continued support of HRI. Happy Hoodie™ is a soft, expandable, fabric band with gentle compression to  relieve  anxiety and calm dogs during stressful situations such as force drying, thunder storms, fireworks, and nail clipping .   You can learn  more about the hoodie by clicking here!   Choice of black, white, pink or purple.  Each two-pack contains 1 small and 1 large hoodie so you're ensured a good fit.  Small fits small to medium breeds (Shih Tzu, Yorkie, Chihuahua, Mini Schnauzer, Mini Poodle, toy breeds, cats) and Large fits from medium to large breeds (Schnauzer, Shih tzu, Westie, Cocker Spaniel, Lhasa Apso, Westie, Golden Retriever, Pointer, Labs, Doodles, Aussie, etc.)
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High Bid1:  $25       Kristi Ohlsten
High Bid 2: $10        Sara Hewitt
High Bid 3: $  8         Laura Burgess
High Bid 4: $  7.59  Peggie McRobbie
High Bid 5: $  7.00  Jane Volkema
Item 190 Ollie B Biscuits & Bites               (two 1lb bags) 
High bid:  $25  Sara Hewitt
Donor:  Oliver Bently's

.Our thanks to our friends at  Oliver Bently’s  for their donation of one pound each of their Ollie B Biscuits and Ollie B Bites (perfect for small mouths and training treats for all breeds). Specially designed for dogs with sensitive digestion, they contain no wheat, corn, soy,  fillers or preservatives.   Ollie B. Biscuits are a product of Savannah, GA and are made with the highest quality human-grade ingredients - read more about them here!

  1. Managing Director
Also!  Oliver Bently's has provided HRI with a single use free shipping code HAVRESCUE so we encourage you to visit their site and make a purchase during auction week!  

Item 191 Surprise Assortment of Toys          TEN TOYS
High bid: $80  Diane Bridges
Donor:  P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle & You

From our friends at P.L.A.Y. comes an assortment of  ten toys from their Plush and Scout and About Outdoor Collections - the value of the assortment is more than $100.   P.L.A.Y. has always been so supportive of HRI and offers wonderful products - you can check them out here!
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Item 192 BarkBox of Goodies
High bid:  $31  JoAnn McShane
Donor:  BarkBox

Our friends at BarkBox have generously donated one of their surprise packages to our event.  BarkBox is a subscription that sends your dog a themed collection every month.  Every BarkBox has at least 2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats, and a chew, curated from each month's unique themed collection.  This box is valued at $35.  What a great treat and surprise for your favorite pal.  To learn more about Barkbox, click here!
  1. Managing Director
Item 193 Who Rescued Who Doggie Tee
High bid:  $11  Karen Farrar
Donor:  Rosy & Daisy Roussos

Adorable doggie tee with a saying that many of us can completely relate to.  It's a size medium, in 100% cotton.

  1. Managing Director
Item 194 Snuffle Mat
High bid:  $51.50  JoAnn McShane
Donor:   Bonnie Davis

The Snuffle Mat is a homemade toy that provides your dog with an opportunity to sniff and search for hidden treats.  Bonnie  made it of fleece strips tied onto a rubber mat with holes in it.  The loose ends of the fleece are on top and provide the hiding spots for the treats!  
  1. Managing Director
the adorable "Dyl" getting ready to sniff out some treats!
Click the pic to read more
about the Snuffle mat!
Item 195 Plaid Dog Scarf                                 (medium)
High bid:  $15  Gail Czarnecki
Donor:   Aimee Katz

This adorable plaid scarf is tipped with a red pompom and is made by Huggle Hounds.   Size is medium which fits a 14"-18" neck.
  1. Managing Director
Item 196 Faux Fur Scarf                     S/XS
High bid:  $25  Carolyn Bivens
Donor:   Aimee Katz

She'll be stepping out in style wearing this Friends Forever faux fur scarf, with a gray satin bow and pearl button.  Size S/XS which fits a 6"-12" neck.
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Item 197 Matching Scarf & Hat Set     (we have two sets)    
High bid 1:  $15.55  Patty McNamara
​High bid 2:  $15.55  Patty McNamara
Donor:   Aimee Katz

Your pup will be warm, stylish and properly pompomed in this cheery red, matching hat and scarf set from Friends Forever.
The size is  XS/S which fits a 6"-12" neck.

  1. Managing Director
Item 198 PomPom Scarf                      (we have two)    
High bid 1:  $15  Gail Czarnecki
​High bid 2:  $15  Gail Czarnecki
Donor:   Aimee Katz

Your pup will be warm, stylish and properly pompomed in this cheery red, white and brown scarf from Friends Forever.
The size is  XS/S  which fits a 6"-12" neck.

  1. Managing Director
 Casson Wraps
Item 199 Paw Print Casson Wraps  
​I tem 200 RedWhiteBlue Casson Wraps           
Item 201 Browns Casson Wraps                       
Donor:   Blossom & Poppi Casson

These are sets of three medium size belly bands  with a cotton upper, flannel underbelly , lined with a double pad made from cotton batting and closed with 3" Velcro.  A Casson creation, of course!

High Bid: Paw Print         $21.21  Starr Jow
High Bid:  RedW/Bl          $27          Gail Czarnecki
High Bid:  Browns            $18.40    Pat Day
Paw Prints                                 Red/White/Blue                          Browns

Item 202 RC West Coast Pink Dog Rain Jacket & Toy​​    SMALL
High Bid:  $29  Kat Smith
Donor:  Jen Jablonski

Rain Jacket has woven water-resistant shell & cozy fleece lining
-Touch-fasten leg and belly strap for easy on-off
-Reflective stripe detail for low-light visability
Size Small 10” Length    Capacity: 10-15 lb.  
ZippyPaws Zippy Burrow Coffee and Donutz Dog Toy
-Soft “coffee cup” shell w/holes filled w/stuffed squeaky “donuts”
-Engaging hide-and-seed puzzle for dogs - 100% polyester w/poly-ester fiber, EVA speaker -   Dimensions: 7” high, 5 1/2” diameter
  1. Managing Director
Item 203 RC West Coast Blue Dog Rain Jacket & Toy  SMALL
High Bid:  $33  Gail Czarnecki
Donor:  Jen Jablonski

Rain Jacket has  woven water-resistant shell & cozy fleece lining
-Touch-fasten leg and belly strap for easy on-off
-Reflective stripe detail for low-light visability
Size Small 10” Length  Capacity: 10-15 lb.  __________
ZippyPaws Zippy Burrow Milk and Cookies Dog Toy
-Mini removable “cookies” that squeak -Engaging hide-and-seed puzzle for dogs  - 100% polyester w/polyester fill - EVA speaker
Dimensions: 8.5” high, 6 1/2” wide

  1. Managing Director
Item 204 Max Studio Manuel Cabled Sweater & Toy    X-SMALL
High Bid:  $22  Cara Rutzel
Donor:  Jen Jablonski

Cabled Sweater - keep your 4-legged friend cozy during cold-weather adventures.   100% Acrylic  -Pull-on style  -Ribbed Collar
Size Extra Small  8”-10” Length
ZippyPaws Zippy Burrow Gingerbread House Dog Toy
Your pooch will love the hid-and-seek fun of this toy
-Mini removable “gingerbread men” that squeak -Engaging hide-and-seed puzzle for dogs - 100% polyester w/polyester fill, EVA speaker Dimensions:6” high, 5” wide

  1. Managing Director
Item 205 Humane Society Edwin Elephant Sweater & Toy  SMALL
High Bid:  $15  Amanda Brown
Donor:  Jen Jablonski

Elephant Sweater - add extra cuteness and warmth to winter walks and cold weather playtime with this sweater. Knit in soft acrylic with attached hood and toasty fleece lining.
-Soft Knit Acrylic -Plush Fleece Lining -Ribbed chest panel, hem and hood trim -Size Small 11”-13” Length
goDog Flying Checkers Dog Toy
Your dog will squeak it up for days. goDog Flyer is made of Chew Guard technology to prevent destruction & has a squeaker inside.  Fuzzy exterior with dotted texture -Minimal stuffing - Material: 100% polyester - Fill: Polyester fiber   Dimensions: 9” long

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