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Havanese Health & Wellness Funds

As you know, pet ownership brings with it many health benefits, from lowering our blood pressure
to lightening our mood, but owning and caring for pets can be expensive, especially as pets age
and vet care costs increase.

In 2017, Havanese Rescue Inc spent $43,000 in medical and veterinary expenses alone and they spend an average of $750 per dog. Many of the pups who find themselves in HRI's care are there because their owners are unable to afford medical  treatments or cannot provide their pet with the special attention and care it needs to live a long and happy life.  Many of HRI's rescues arrived with behavioral issues or in need of dental work or repair of an injury, and others were in immediate need of life-saving surgery.  

Would you support HRI by making a donation to one of our health and wellness funds?  The suggested average range of costs are indicated below for your information, however, any amount donated towards the service will be greatly appreciated and used solely to enhance the health and wellness of the pups in our care.    

Simply click the link for the service you would like to support and enter your donation amount and an email with payment instructions will be sent to you at the end of the auction, just as they are for the other auction items.  Thank you!
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Raised:  $175

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Raised:  $410
Item 400  Dental Exam & Treatment           
Average low ranges from $275-$325
May run in the thousands depending on the procedures required by the dog

Item 401 Heartworm/Flea & Tick Meds
Average low ranges from $35-$45

Item 402 Neuter
Average low ranges from $70-$80  

Item 403 Spay  
Average low ranges from $105-$115
Depending on the dog, spay and neuter procedures may run as high as $600-$700

Item 404 Wellness Visit
Average low ranges from $65-$75
Does not include the cost of vaccines, boosters, tests, meds, etc

Item 405 Major Medical 
For emergencies & critical surgeries which may run in the thousands 

Your Dollars Go to Help
Pups Like These ....
  1. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director
Flip had severe bilateral hip dysplasia, his right patella was fully luxated, his leg was twisted and undeveloped; his left leg had a significant luxating patella and he was at risk of developing severe arthritis. After surgery on the left leg, amputation of his right leg, extensive physical therapy and a lot of loving care, Flip became an amazingly fast three legged dog!  Read Flip's story here and see his amazing transformation!  ​ 
Bobbie has lived for 6 yrs with megaesophogus since he was born to an HRI rescued puppymill. Bobbie was Karen's foster fail and wasn’t expected to live very long.  Megaesophagus inhibits food and water from traveling down the esophagus to the stomach, and the dog must be held or seated in an upright position while eating to assist the passage of food.  This condition can be fatal without proper treat-ment, but as you see, Bobbie is living the good life in Karen's loving care.    
  1. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director
Lucy came to HRI with bad skin that was later diagnosed as Sebaceous Adenitis. SA is a rare inflammatory skin condition that causes lesions, hair loss, and other painful symptoms.  Lucy will have this condition forever, but as you can see, with the proper diagnosis and care, she has come a very long way.  
Ernie Bernie Mac had a difficult early life. After bring transported to Atlanta, he was immed-iately sent for medical attention to see how his broken leg was healing and to treat a bladder infection.  Ernie received several medical inter-ventions but was in increasing pain. The vet advised HRI that even if the leg was saved, Ernie would still require continuing and painful therapy, so the decision was made to remove his leg.  Ernie started out slowly but was soon walking confidently on three legs - there was no stopping this boy!
  1. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director
Milo came to Dee infested with fleas, brown from dirt, and with an infection and high fever.  He was non-responsive to human interaction and afraid of everything on a walk, especially cars.  He had 22 teeth removed as Dee's foster and six more  removed since he became her foster fail.  It took Milo six months to ask for any affection.  Today,  at age 12,  he is incredibly healthy, bouncy and affectionate. Truly a miracle!  Dee says  "Thank you HRI for so much joy!"